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Dr. Jennifer Verdolin is a scientist, writer, podcast creator/host, friend, educator, adventurer, and wildlife conservationist.

She is also a Fulbright Scholar and conservation biologist. Her research program concentrates on social behavior and applied conservation and she teaches courses on wildlife and human culture, animal behavior, and conservation. 

She is the creator and host of Wild Connection, a podcast focused on exploring and improving our lives by connecting with and understanding nature. She also has a YouTube channel where she creates engaging, fun and informative videos.

As an expert in animal behavior, she has authored over 25 scientific publications, published two books, and has been featured in the Washington Post, BBC Focus, Arizona Highways, and the New Yorker as well as on BBC, NPR, and the National Geographic.

For a complete list of peer-reviewed publications, click here

Jennifer enjoys talking about how we can use what we know about other animals to improve our lives, relationships, families, and careers. She is also passionate about education and conservation she shares what she knows with audiences around the world.

Interested in the Research? 

Verdolin works with a diverse group of collaborators studying genetics, social networks, personality, communication and how these all tie together to influence the survival of different species. Currently, her research is focused on mountain gorillas, lemurs, and prairie dogs but there are plans underway for projects on domestic cats and great horned owls. Take a look at current and future projects. 

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