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Mountain Gorilla Behavior and Conservation

How does social network impact the day to day life and conservation of the endangered mountain gorilla? Current field work to answer these questions is ongoing in southwestern Uganda.


Lemur Personality

Many lemurs are social and navigating social life isn't the same for everyone. Some may be shy, some may be bold and sometimes who you spend time with can influence your personality. 


Connecting Students Through STEAM

Education is crucial to uplifting individuals, communities, and protecting species and natural areas around the world. This project connects US university students with high school students in Uganda to investigate the impacts of human activities on wildlife. 


Prairie Dog Culture and Conservation

Prairie dogs have a complex communication system and they may even have culture, where different populations take different approaches to dealing with predators.


Great Horned Owl Ecology and Behavior

Owls are incredible hunters and great parents. They also may have an impact on the environment. How big of a role do owls play in creating the habitat around them?


The Cat's Meow

Cats are incredibly social and with that comes communication. How complex is feline communication? Can we begin to understand what cats are saying? 

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