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Jennifer Verdolin
Exploring Our Wild Connection

How understanding other species can improve our lives (and theirs).

How can understanding other species make a difference in our lives? 

Whether it's trekking through the Impenetrable Forest in southwestern Uganda studying the social behavior of mountain gorillas or documenting culture in prairie dogs, animal behaviorist and conservation biologist Dr. Jennifer Verdolin believes that our connection to each other depends on our relationship with other animals. Whether it's writing about it, teaching it in classrooms, or talking about it on stage or on her podcast, Jennifer introduces audiences to all that we share with other species, from the mundane to the complex. She invites you to consider that we are all more similar than different. 


“Fascinating observations. . . . [Verdolin] compares animal behavior to human behavior and explains how we can use this information to be better parents.”—Washington Post


“A stunningly informative guide to child rearing.”—HuffPost

Watch and Listen

Join in the fun as Dr. Verdolin explores our

connections with other animals. From flirting and becoming a good leader to understanding ourselves and the world around us, her Wild Connection podcast, YouTube channel, and Blog bring you exciting topics and fascinating science. 

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Sitting with the Batwa

How to Flirt Successfully

Don't Touch My Food

Be part of the 
journey. Help Verdolin and her team by supporting research projects.

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